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Easy Content Management

Excited for a website but don't want to have to call us every time you want to change a picture or update some text? Want to learn how to easily plug in multimedia or interactive elements like polls and photo galleries? With our GENr, our own Content Management solution, it couldn't be easier.

After we've created a website that you're delighted with (and you will be delighted), if you decide that you're ready to take charge, we hand you the keys. Don't worry – it's easy! Just like you're not expected to be a mechanic when you get your driver's license, you won't have to face any "under the hood" confusion. We wouldn't make you jump behind the wheel unprepared! We provide you with the tools, the training, and an easy-to-follow user's guide so that you can have the power to update your website's content easily from anywhere.  We'll show you how to:
  • Change virtually any text on your site;
  • Add new menu choices and whole new pages;
  • Upload new photos, graphics, and documents;
  • Add and edit "sidebars;"
  • Create online forms;
  • Add interactive components, like event calendars, FAQs, quotations, and galleries;
  • And more! Many of these features are shown right here on our site.
To make it all easy, we provide a full-featured editor — if you're familiar with programs like Microsoft Word, updating your web page will be a snap.
As shown at the left, the editor has features you already know how to use: bold, italic, copy, paste, undo, and even advanced text formatting like bullet points and numbered lists. As part of your site design, we create a set of predefined styles that you can easily select to keep your text consistent and well formatted. Who knew you could be doing your own web updates so easily?