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About Bass Rocks

If you're from the North Shore of Massachusetts, you're likely familiar with Bass Rocks — a rocky stretch of Cape Ann's spectacular coastline, so named for the fish, not the instrument (though you may find a bass in our in-house audio/visual studio!... the instrument, not the fish). It's this local landmark that inspired the name for Bass Rocks Technology, founded by Web Developer and music enthusiast, Andrew Maddox of Rockport, MA. Andrew's more than 20 years of software development and design, graphic design, and production experience set the foundation on which Bass Rocks' services have been built.

Over the years, Bass Rock's has followed Internet technology's winding and ever-expanding path, growing to offer services like Web 2.0 development, web hosting, and audio/video integration — all at prices that won't send you running out of our office into the ocean.

Our approach of taking the time to help businesses that may be new to the Internet create an online presence with patience and open communication carries over to clients that are no stranger to the benefits of the Web. Whether you want to use a custom-built CMS, or if you’re not sure what a CMS is (okay we’ll tell you: it’s Content Management System), we have the expertise to help you get results while being very fair to your wallet.